hilary kathleen is a freelance analog 35mm film photographer currently based in the southwest where she resides with her seven year old son. Themes found in her work include connection with mother, feminine empowerment, youth empowerment and visual exploration of emotional intelligence through variance in light and process of creative self expression.



After being the recipient of emotional abuse in a decade of marriage, unbeknownst to me, photography was my aid in healing my way out and into personal growth, confidence, self love and empowerment.  Through a process of reconnecting with the divine love of mother; in learning the essence of unconditional love in relationship to being the mother of my son, reconnecting with the misunderstood love of my mother and resting and regenerating in the arms of mother nature in a sustainable community in the remote Sonoran desert, I have healed exponentially from a former state of the depression and anxiety that resulted from the abuse.  Photography brought me to people and places that inspired me, showed me what was possible or something about myself I needed to work on in order to grow. Collaboration with my son and bonding through creativity and a space of love in which we both contribute to exploring the natural world and imagination freely as creators of our universe without judgement has been an opportunity to cultivate love for our own unique potential.  My work has evolved into the hopes of sharing this process through experiences and print.