Seeking a mentor who's work called to me and touched my soul early on in my photography process completely shifted my approach in the most significant, personal way at the perfect time. A connection made that I am forever grateful for because of the way it influenced my work and streamlined the cultivation of my own unique voice in a way I wouldn't have been able to recieve without intimate time and space spent with someone who was in a place where I wanted to be, doing what I envisioned myself doing. To honor the gift this profound experience was for me I feel it is important to offer this opportunity to others as well.  This time is for you, your curiosities and your education and it is my service to you to offer my perspective and knowledge openly and honestly and to have fun doing so.  Based on an hourly rate please inquire for more information.  


For the past several years my passion and drive for photography and travel paired have served as a conduit from which to explore and expand beyond my comfort zone and grow existentially.  For most of my life I felt stifled, antsy to get out and see the world but held back by fear of the unknown.  Afraid to do things alone, afraid of what other people told me was dangerous, afraid of feeling shame for being alone, afraid of being judged for where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do, afraid of not having enough money.  I reached the point where I felt so stuck, bored and lifeless that I didn't have anything to lose by gathering the courage to pursue my dreams.  Little by little I experimented, created scenarios to test my capacity to get where I wanted to go.  I slowly learned to get over my fears and insecurities and to embrace the magic and vitality that have blossomed from the freedom of confidence in self and from learning to embrace the goodness and inspiration from people and places who are there to help and enjoy along the way. Years and years of experiments have empowered me with a treasure trove of principles and tools to apply while traveling and taking photos.  Whether the desire to explore and learn these beliefs or the desire to learn how to create your own set for yourself is in your interest, I offer my services as a guide or companion to support and encourage.  Based on a daily rate please inquire for more information. 


Photography has been a labor of love and healing for me.  Through photography I have learned what it is to feel truly beautiful as a woman and as a human being and sometimes it just helps to see yourself, to learn about yourself and your power through the loving, compassionate eyes of someone who will listen to what you need and who wishes to bring out the best in your authentic, higher self. I feel the healing is what sets my process apart and it is the experience and creative space shared that makes a difference in the result. Photos are extremely vulnerable, whether it is you being photographed or a representation of your work, and I take the craft seriously as insight into the soul.  It is important to feel comfortable and safe in the space as well as encouraged to explore and create with sincerity and confidence.  I use film as my medium for many different reason but one of the major being that I feel it adds an element of unseen influence that can show up in the most magical ways.  An important aspect of my work is the connection with these unseen elements and the layer of depth the magic contributes.  With honor and respect to the craft and process of photography and creative collaboration I would love to offer and experience of healing and empowerment.  Based on hourly and day rates please inquire for more information.